Successful business management and astrology – are these a good match? Astrological reading and the next step up the job ladder – isn’t this a different kettle of fish?

Quite the contrary! Know your astrological constellations, use them to your personal advantage, and thereby be one step ahead in business competition.

Using them in a clever way the stars will always be on your side!

Common management consultancy allows measuring, collecting, and calculating factors relevant for business success. Using astrological chart reading enhances your business options. It shows correlations, personal potentials, and possibly obstacles in a universal dimension. Thereby it is as individually relevant as your finger print.

Respectable astrology will enlighten gray areas of your business calculation. It will increase the variety of options at stake for you as for activity, reduce your risks, enable you to use current cosmical constellations to your ideal advantage, and stay clear of possible risks.

Many successful peoples’ experiences show: astrological consultancy supplies you with crucial information to have a head start in personal and professional development, as well as practical business plans.

It will be my pleasure to support you to increase the chances of success for your plans to a maximum. This may be calculating a successful date for a start-up or plans for your companies’ expansion, personal questions, solving staff conflicts or choosing your new employee.

Looking forward to meet you soon.

Franziska Engel


Basic consultation

As an individual or as entrepreneur, the basic consultation will offer insights to fundamentals. Your basic constellations, your personal potentials, and favourable options for handling challenges ahead. Thereby learn more about the way I work and then knowing what your goals and needs are I’ll submit an individual offer to you.

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Horary and electional astrology

You may have questions concerning various life issues, encounters both forthcoming or in the past or want to find a period of time which will result in the most preferable outcome for an event planned. Using the ancient techniques of horary and electional astrology I can provide you with answers and support you to develop optimal management options.

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My astrological knowledge introduced here has sparked your interest? You want to use a basic consultation, astrological management consultancy or another choice of my comprehensive services? Welcome – I’m looking forward to hear from you!

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