Systemic astrological constellations

Do you wish for a change in your life? More drive, positive energies and success in cooperation with others? Are you open to experiments and interested in actively initiating processes that are promising to generate solutions? Are you open to get to know an intuitive approach to your individual potentials, in order to discover new patterns for solutions and make use of thus far unique, yet unused possibilities for yourself, for your team, your department, your organisation? In this case the method of systemic astrological constellations may be just the ideal approach for you and your fellow campaigners.

Just about everybody know the following situation: some obstacles prove themselves to be very persistent. Consequences may be repeated failure in partnerships, lack of self-confidence in important meetings, lack of objecitivity and sovereignty, sudden outbursts of inexplicable rage, and so on… It doesn’t need to remain like this! Actively take the matter into you own hand! Your own planetary constellations can lead the way to positive results and a more fulfilled life!

Many people have already improved their lives significantly by gaining insights about themselves which may be inexplicable in a rational way, however yield obvious results.

How does this work in detail? 

First of all your request, your wish needs to get clarified. What is your problem, how does it show in your life.

Then your personal birth chart is laid out on the ground. And then participants of the session take on different positions in the chart as representatives of the various factors, e.g. the sun or the ascendent. We ask them, how and what they feel in their respecitve positions, and find solutions.

Even though we usually cope with serious topics, joy and humour will always be an important part both of the sessions as well as of the solution finding process.

Maybe you have become curious, but aren’t sure whether you want to participate in a workshop with an own topic? Well, then it will be a good idea to participate as a representative. Like this you get to know the method and guaranteed gain useful insights for yourself as well!!