The chart of the moment of your birth will lifelong remain the basis. Beyond this however there are further methods to modify this basis and render additional and expanded interpretations possible.

With the help of astrogeography we may identify premises and possibilities of a person at different places in the world.

As for myself I did for example get married direcly on my Venus line – very suitable as Venus is the classic representative of love and partnership. On my Neptune line I had both spiritual, as well as interpersonal experiences of deception and disappointment.

For one of my clients the move from the place, where she was born under a Piesces ascendent, to a place with the acendent in Aries there was a significant change to a far better assertiveness for her.

Another client was offered a job in Dubai. His chart shows a lot of tension as well as very much power to work hard and much. Which both are clearly every day experiences in his life. In Dubai now he would end up directly on his Mars line. Which may be a promise for assertiveness, but a very strong risk of aggression, attack, risk and fighting as well. Which considering his overall constellations I would interpret as more risky than promising.

Another example may be the move to the Sun line, which for many people will result in a feeling of being right in their own middle and feeling very much alive.

Not always is it neccessary to completely relocate in order to use astrogeografical energies. Apart from the problem that often “ideal” lines may lead right through the middle of an ocean or other rather hostile areas. These lines can get used nevertheless. As an entrepreneur for example by activley initiating international expansion and sales activities. Or by recognizing why results in some places despite seemingly positive preconditions don’t ever meet the expectations.