Business astrology

Astrology offers outstandingly useful support for your daily business as well as for future plannings. Here basically the same principles apply as for a personal horoscope: the chart of your company is equally individual like a fingerprint and shows your companies’ chances and risks alike. Ideally you use astrological consultation right from the beginning, from the moment you start your business.

Business astrology – here is a list of examples what it may do for you:

  • casting of the chart of your company
  • election of ideal dates for a kick-off, meetings, start of new branches, sending out of employees, etc.
  • support with and expertise for the selection of personnel
  • you want to “go international” – use an astrogeografical consultation to find out: which places are promising for investment, sales, or new branches? Which of your personnel is a good choice for the new location?
  • find out about strengths and weaknesses of your competitors