Personal horoscope

… the map for your life!

Do you want to use your individual options, potentials and chances even better than so far? Do you want to find out which specific options lie hidden behind hindrances in certain situations and how to overcome those obstacles?

Your personal horoscope shows your very individual potentials: talent, luck and chances as well as challenges, fears and restraints. The prevailing astrologically interpreted energy offers valuable clues about the topics which at present yield the most noticeable influence in your life. And beyond that how long a period of hard times may still last on.

An example:

Hugo is a man whose horoscope shows quite a number of factors with a lot of tension. One and the same factor may however get implemented in life in various different ways. Be it in a creative way, be it as a lacking sense of realism or abuse of drugs and alcohol. Another factor in his horoskope indicates a strong tendency for passion all the way to obsession or misuse of power – be it active or passive. Yet another factor relates a story of pressure to do things well as well as the power of endurance.

Your advantage of using the knowledge of the stars:

Hugo for example has the choices to either eternally fall prey to violations, to fail to meet his own exaggerated standards or himself to become a violent alcoholic. A possible positive approach may be as follows: as Hugo is a professional dancer and dancing teacher, working very disciplined and achievement-oriented. This is where the factors with the needs of musical creativity, discipline, and perfectionism are met and obsession is replaced by the passion for his art.

As an employee Hugo experienced many conflicts with superiors. So he is better equipped working as a freelancer. He better not work with employees as there is a tendency of him to domineer over them. By far better will he be able to cooperate with fellow freelancers.

The enormous burdens that Hugo is capable of shouldering would before long make other people collapse. For Hugo however this is the outlet he needs for his unusually high level of energy. As long as this energy is bound in this way, it reduces conflicts in other areas of his life.

Discover and use your personal map for your life as well! Nobody is typecast to one inescapable path in life. No matter how discouraging your constellations may be, there are nevertheless advantageous ways of acting on them – provided you are open to tread new paths.

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