(Modern) horary astrology

Using the modern version one of the most ancient techniques in astrology, the so-called horary astrology, I examine and interprete the current quality of time so to say. This is used to find answers to explicit questions, to analyse encounters – both planned, as well as by chance and help clients to find suitable dates for various purposes. Such as starting a new business as well as dates for marriages, operations, or moving to a new home.


A chart shows both the question, as well as the answer to it. You may have questions relating to topics like the following:

  • love, relationship, affaires (e.g. “shall I marry him/her?)
  • profession, workplace (e.g. “will I get promoted?” or “shall I take on this job offer?”
  • children
  • pets
  • health
  • residential situation, searching for a house or a new appartment, sale or purchase of real estate
  • travelling
  • finances, valuables
  • missing persons, pets, things

At times the chart shows far more about the quester and the background of his present insecurity, than just the answer to the explicit question. In this case the horary astrology can also be used to find answers to all the questions that pester you a lot…


The chart cast for the moment of an encounter shows chances, perspectives, and risks of planned encounters as well as of encounters which have already taken place. It can be used for any kind of encounter. The following list shows a few examples:

  • private encounter like a date or a chance encounter
  • professional meeting like for example a job interview
  • encounters with legal consequences, such as a court trial or appointments with a solicitor

Election of dates

There are many appointments in life for which you may hope for more certainty. Here the bad news is: there will hardly ever be a perfect date to be selected within the near future. Good news is: I am willing and able to help you, exclude explicitly disadvantageous dates and rather choose more promising times for your purposes.

You may for example wonder: when shall I…

  • get married?
  • start a new business?
  • start out on a trip?
  • have an operation?
  • make an investment?

Regardless of whether the charts answer is welcomed by the querent or whether he/she is disappointed by the answer, it doesn’t match his hopes or destroys false expectations – it will be useful for his next steps and further path. A sincere horary astrologer will not free the querent of his/her individual responsibility for his/her destiny, but will more likely offer support devising meaningful options for next steps to be taken and offer counsel for more consciousness, happiness and fulfillment in life.